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About Us

Fast, sAFE & Eco-Friendly KUP with kup Integration formula by KUPTEHNO

A Decentralized Blockchain Network for Sovereignty and Interoperability, made by CryptoKUP.

Launched in 2021, kup is a global open-block for coins . Based on proof-of-stake consensus, KUP aspires to make the most of blockchain, with minimal carbon footprint.

KUP technology stack can benefit in any use cases that demand security and decentralization — open finance, personal identification, trading Real Estate, sensitive data and many others.

CRYPTOKUP is an Open Source project.
CRYPTOKUP is a software platform ONLY and does not conduct any independent diligence on or substantive review of any blockchain, digital currency, cryptocurrency or associated technology.

CRYPTOKUP was originally scheduled to launch in JUNE 2023 but due to advanced progress we were able to prepare for the launch well ahead of schedule.