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All about Crypto KUP

   KUP currency / Please read this article to understand exactly why currency is not risky and will never be.



1. About KUP

    The KUP currency is the only currency in the world that is going only up without using a ponzi scheme. See point 6 to understand the mechanism of growth.
    CRYPTOKUP was originally scheduled to launch on (UPDATE SOON) but due to sustained progress we were able to prepare for the launch well ahead of schedule.

2. Value

    At the beginning the value of the KUP currency was predetermined not by the acquisitions of the KUP coins but by the performance of the underlying blockchain and technology. The KUP currency officially entered   the market with
    the initial value of 0.029 USD (first stage 29 usd - FINAL STAGE 0.029 x 1000 coins). At this moment the price increase of the coin depends only on the transfers made with it and on the crediting  which will be offered starting with 2023.


    The KUP currency had a value of 29 USD at the first BLOCK created on 1 May 2022 and due to the transfers made since then it reached the value of 47 USD on July 15, 2022 .
    On July 10, 2022, the decision was made to increase supply with another 29,970,000,000 KUP /X2 CARD coins, reducing the price from 42 USD to 0.042 USD without financially affecting any KUP coin holders.

    FINAL STAGE Total Supply: KUP

    1 KUP currency = 47 $ FINAL STAGE -> 1000 KUP currency = 47 $

    Currency value will be calculated:

    1 KUP currency = 47 $ FINAL STAGE -> 1 KUP currency = 0.047 $

    If "YOU" hold 1 KUP coin with a total value of:  47 $

    to FINAL STAGE -> "YOU" will hold 1000 KUP coins with a total value of: 47 $

    We must mention that:

    New coins can no longer be minted on the KUP blockchain system and coins will never be minted again. The system cannot be influenced by CRYPTOKUP.COM or other companies in the world.
    The decision is final and cannot be revoked in any way.


3. Safety and risks

    The KUP currency is an independent currency and cannot be manipulated by anyone because it is owned only by ITS BUYERS (see point 4). The KUP Blockchain has brought benefits to the entire crypto ecosystem because the founders of the KUP currency decided to eliminate problems that existed in other currencies on the crypto market. The blockchain of the KUP currency is so well designed that no one will be able to  bring changes to it after launch, not even the founders or its programmers. KUP currency will operate on the market with the same strategy used by BTC where no one can block any circulating coins and cannot ever stol  any coins.
    Moreover, the KUP currency cannot be influenced by its value either (see point 6).

    Cryptokup issues KUP coins for free for two reasons:

    1. Cryptokup wants a worldwide recognition of the KUP currency as soon as possible.

    2. To provide greater assurance to its holders that KUP currency is not a SCAM.

    As long as the currency is offered free of charge, the problem of collecting money from the population and overnight someone leaving with everything has been ruled out.
    Someone will always buy from a KUP owner and sell to another buyer who wants to invest in the long run.

    The KUP currency does not represent risks and the biggest advantage for KUP holders is that of long-term investors.

    In reality, no one can lose the entire initial investment but at most 2% in case he wants to sell everything at a certain time.

    The KUP currency is an "exchange" currency from one person to another and this is because the holder is the only one who has control over his coins.



4. The owner

    For the safety of the KUP currency when the KUP BLOCKCHAIN ​​was designed, the founders decided that absolutely no company will have control over the KUP currency. In order for KUP currency to have a bright future a decision was made that the absolute control of the currency to be held by the one who holds in his wallet KUP coins. Thus Cryptokup.com is only an "intermediary system" for its holders.
    KUP is the only currency in the world that benefits only people who want to make limited investment.
    KUP brings a capital of 1.470.000.000 USD x2-CARD population in a free way.In order to obtain the KUP currency,it is not accepted the purchase or sponsorship by companies.

    KUP currency can never be purchased or obtained for free by companies.



5. Tax and currency growth (IMPORTANT)

    The KUP currency transfer fee is 2% of the total amount.
    How does the currency grow?


    Let's say that a person named "SARA" owns 10,000,000 KUP (value 440,000 USD) of KUP coins and she decides to transfer these coins to another person.
    When SARA makes this transfer to another person's account he will receive KUP 9,800,000 (USD 460,600).
    In the transfer made by SARA, the TAX applied was 2% in the equivalent of 200,000 KUP (value 9400 USD).

    The KUP coin supply had a value of 30,000,000,000 KUP /X2 CARD coins and now the total supply of coins is 29,999,800,000 KUP  coins.

    All coins that were part of the transfer TAX are automatically burned and can no longer be reintroduced into the system!
    The TAX from the transfer made by SARA in the amount of 9400 USD will be added as value in the coins remaining on the market (29,999,800,000 KUP).
    If a coin is worth 0.047 USD it will now have a new value of 0.04700313354222 USD due to the transfer TAX made by SARA.
    IMPORTANT! Due to the large number of transfers that will happen daily the capital of KUP coins will get smaller and smaller.


    If the KUP coin will have a turnover of 1,000,000,000 Kup coins daily then in those 24 hours 20,000,000 KUP coins will be burned and their value (usd) will be transferred on the coins that remain in circulation.
    And after 100 days with the same turnover, the decrease will be 2,000,000,000 KUP coins remaining on the market from 30,000,000,000 KUP -> 28,000,000,000 KUP and their value (usd) will be reflected in the  remaining coins price increase.
    Thus the coin grows after each transfer but not in a pyramidal way but in a natural way.
    Depending on the amount of transfer KUP coins supply will decrease from billions to millions and maybe hundreds of thousands even thousands.

    If now a coin is worth 0.047 USD with a capital of 30,000,000,000 KUP in the future there will be less than 1,000,000 kup coins and each will have a value of at least 1410 USD.

    Any sale through an exchange will not influence its value and to understand this please read point 6 (Acquisition, independence and project sponsorship). KUP coins will be distributed via crypto and via bank card purchase.

6.  Acquisition, independence and project sponsorship (IMPORTANT)

    Why does the currency not decrease in value?

    After completing the KUP project, the founders decided to eliminate the problem (SPAM) that exists in many currencies in the world, as follows:

    6.1 In order for the currency not to be manipulated, it cannot be acquired by any company in the world.

    6.2 In order for the currency to not represent a risk of price decrease, it will be delivered free of charge to the population in the following way:

       Each person who wants to own kup coins will sponsor the KUP project with a minimum of USD 50 and a MAXIMUM of USD 4000.
       If a person buys (sponsoring the KUP project) KUP coins worth 100 USD he will receive in his wallet coins worth 100 usd and in maxim 24 hours he will receive another 10,000 USD worth of coins.

       Example: a person named "SARA" bought 2000 KUP coins paying 100 USD (with other crypto coins), in his account will be added another 200,000 KUP coins (in maximum 24 hours from the purchase).

       Free distribution of KUP coins will be in effect until all KUP coins on the market have holders.

       Each USD used to purchase KUP coins through Cryptokup.com is considered sponsorship and will be used to improve the system and promote the global KUP currency.
       The purchase in "SPONSORSHIP" mode is valid only until the end of the entire supply of coins. After the end of the supply any holder can trade the coins through STARTKUP directly.

    How can I use my initial coins that total an amount greater than x100 compared to the payment I made?

       As soon as all KUP coins are held by the population, CRYPTOKUP will launch the STARTKUP trading platform. In the future, more companies will automatically accept exchanges for KUP currency.
       The trading of KUP coins will be done by opening the ORDER (system also used by BINANCE) and allows the sale / purchase of the coin between the holders of KUP coins at the current market value.

       STARTKUP will not allow the sale of KUP currency below the market value with a margin of +/- 3%.

   6.3 The KUP currency will not represent any risk because it is owned by the population and no company will have power / control over it.



7. Legislation

    Cryptokup has decided to eliminate any government restrictions starting with August 1, because at this moment the purchase / sale of KUP currency will be done only in crypto currencies and not in real currency.

    For this reason we decided not to list the KUP currency for trading on other platforms.

    We will come back with updates on currency trading on other platforms.

    We must mention that we have received many offers from several globally recognized companies and we are in negotiations with them for sponsorships.



8. Strategies

    Cryptokup will always look for solutions to provide security to those who hold the KUP currency without having problems like those existing on the rest of the crypto market.

    KUP is the only coin in the world that does not work as a CASINO type game. The advantage of this coin is that you decide its value by buying / selling at the value you choose.
    Because the KUP currency never decreases, it ensures both the owner and the buyer a better control when choosing to buy and sell the KUP coins.



9. The advantages of the currency through free distribution.

    1.The currency is becoming more rapidly populated globally.

    2.Each holder may hold a limited number of coins so as not to influence the currency in the future.

    3.The large number of transactions will lead to much faster currency growth.


    Important! Holders of KUP coins from 2021 will have access to STARTKUP before those who received free KUP coins.In the next period we will return with details in this regard.



10. MarketCap 

    The capital market of KUP coins is USD 1.470.000.000 USD/ KUP / x2 card purchase,a value that will not change nor after the rise of the KUP currency.

    Example: KUP coins -> price currency: 0.047 USD = 1.470.000.000 USD KUP (50% CARD) coins -> price currency: 0.047 USD = 2.940.000.000 USD

    After transfers of KUP coins were made they remain on the market : 29.400.000.000 KUP coins and each coin will have a new value of: 0.0510204 USD.

    29.400.000.000 KUPx2 coins X 0.0510204 = 1.500.000.000 USD / so even if a currency grows the capital market remains the same.And the way it grows is 100% natural and does not grow like a pyramid scheme.



11. Blockchain

    The blockchain created by CRYPTOKUP at this moment has the most secure algorithms that cannot be decoded or changed.
    It is the only system with the highest transfer speed and the second after BTC in terms of decentralisation.
    Cryptokup.com is an intermediary that helps KUP currency holders to sell / buy as quickly and securely as possible.



12. Startkup, exchenge

    Upon launch of the STARTKUP trading platform, any KUP currency holder will be allowed to buy and sell coins with:

    USDT, BUSD, USDK, BTC, LITEKUP as well as through real estate, gold, cars.

    All purchase / sale transactions will not be limited to any daily value or month!

    The launch of the STARTKUP platform will be available starting with (see point 6).

    All transfers of KUP currency will be made through https://explorer.cryptokup.com/kup-transfer directly in the "P2P INSURED TRANSFER" wallet from STARTKUP.

    The "P2P INSURED TRANSFER" wallet from STARTKUP offers security for every BUY / SELL ORDER opened by the buyer / seller.

    P2P INSURED TRANSFER ensures that no holder is fooled by the seller or the buyer.






    Starting with (UPDATE-SOON), Crypto KUP will launch the USDK stable coin!

    The exchange on the START KUP trading platform allows the exchange of any currencies from one currency to another with the USDK intermediary currency.

    USDK is a stable coin with an approximate value of 1 USD. CRYPTOKUP official stable coin.
    Cannot be purchased before (UPDATE-SOON) !



    LITEKUP is a currency that can increase and decrease only depending on the money invested in this currency.

    Withdrawals will cause decreases and investments will bring increases in price.

    KUP currently has x2 CARD active coins.

    LITEKUP will enter the market with a number of coins.

    Cannot be purchased before (UPDATE-SOON) !


    CRYPTOKUP will hold only 3 currencies on the crypto market: KUP, LITEKUP, USDK.

    KUP         - STRONG





14. KUP Wallet Security

    The KUP wallet is not managed by any company owned by the founders of the KUP currency.
    The only person who has control over the KUP currency and the wallet is the holder of the email associated with the KUP address.
    Cryptokup.com will never have the right to ask you for any data from your wallet or documents such as ID, PASSPORT, etc.
    Even if in the future there will be attacks on the wallets of the KUP currency, BLOCKCHAIN ​​KUP has an automatic system in which it refreshes the whole system
    without affecting any transfers that are in progress or the value of the coins held by you.

    Any attempt to change the code of the BLOCKCHAIN ​​automatically leads to the safety refresh so that no modified block can replace the existing blocks.

    We are happy to inform you that the KUP currency has the best BLOCKCHAIN ​​in the crypto market at the current moment.



15. KUP coin mining / VSKUP2

    The KUP coin cannot be mined and the number of coins can never be increased by new minting of coins.

    Depending on the number of transactions and their value, the coins will be less and less and this leads to an increase in the value of each coin.


X2 CARD - It means the reserve ( KUP) value that was blocked at the beginning for sale by cards.

With the launch of the STARTKUP platform, the number of coins entering circulation will be exactly 30,000,000,000 KUP coins.

And trading coins will reduce the number of KUP coins every day.

When the number of coins will reach 1.000.000 then it will move to VSKUP 2.

VSKUP will not affect any wallet and will not introduce new values ​​compared to the old capital.